Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Book News

A year ago when we reprinted Living Consciously, Dying Gracefully: A Journey with Cancer, we decided to print an extra thousand copies to give away to hospices, cancer centers, and other groups that seemed appropriate. (Thanks, Carolyn Miller, our friend who put the idea into our heads!!) We have been rather slow to get books out, but late this fall we have really stepped up our activities.

In November we gave 350 books to participants of the Positive Aging conference at the University of Minnesota and sponsored by the Center for Spirituality and Healing. The next day we delivered 200 books to the U of M Women’s Health Center and the U of M Breast Center.

Three days before we left for Mexico, we realized that instead of sending just flyers to the Evidence-Based Complementary Cancer Care Conference in Florida to be held in January, we could send the actual books! Rather than pack our bags for Mexico, we stuffed and attached labels to 260 books, packed them up, and hauled them to the Post Office.

It feels very satisfying to be able to put Diane's story into the hands of people who might not otherwise see the book.

We are not, however, giving up on sales!

We have joined five other writers from Beaver’s Pond Press who sell books at various venues. Dubbed “The Color of Authors,” we’re an eclectic bunch, spanning the range of award-winning mysteries, body/mind/spirit , health, and children’s books. (Pictured left are Anne Pritchard, Becky, Nancy, Marilyn Jax, Frank Silva, and Colleen Baldrica. Not pictured is Lynne Eldridge.)

On Saturday, December 6, the day before we left for Mexico, we spent the afternoon at Buon Giorno, an Italian restaurant and wine bar in Mendota Heights. We loved being surrounded by bottles of fine vino from Italy and we even did a little tasting.

“The Color of Authors” is carrying on without us (but displaying our books) while we are gone. We look forward to rejoining them in February.

Becky & Nancy